Warm Fuzziness

We live in an age where we spend a good portion of our day watching the lives of those we love and care about – unfold before our eyes via social networking.

We spend countless hours a week sharing jokes, viral videos, Grumpy cat photos, how happy we are that our children finally pooped on the potty, what we ate for dinner, political rants, George Takai’s latest “Funny”, how many miles we just jogged, who we are voting for on which ever reality television show we are currently watching, why what we believe is the only way it could possibly be, hurtful comments about people we are supposed to care about, Instagram pictures of clouds and all too often – horrible news stories that break our hearts into a million pieces and make us want to run away and hide from the reminders that sometimes humans are horrifically ugly to each other.

Follow me on a quest to spread warm fuzzies all across the World by taking mere seconds out of your day to say something beautiful to someone that needs it, perform a random act of kindness and do things that not only impact the lives of those around you for the better – but make you all warm and fuzzy too!

Remind yourselves and others – that we are capable of beautiful things.
What say you?


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